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Meme! (Again)

Stolen from jairissa and willfully. Anon commenting is on (as always) and ip logging is off ( as always) but this time it actually matters. Be brutally honest, if you want, and tell me what you really think of me.

Be cruel if you want, I could probably use it.
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Generally, I think I tend to say everything I want to when we're talking, but:

1. ilu
2. You are wonderfully supportive at all times
3. I wish I could make you feel better as easily as you do me, just by listening
4. It's always hard when things start to go wrong. But you need to remember that, as much as it seems impossible to believe at the time, it's not all your fault. Somethings are hard to change, and the points come from even trying, not from being perfect.
1. ilu
2. Ha. That's just for you and twin I think. I can be a bitch at times.
3. It does help, I'm just--in my brain a lot. A lot a lot.
4. >.> Too bad I'm a perfectionist.

*snugs snugglybear*
Well, either way, I appreciate how much you've listened to me and put up with me whinging and all of my other patheticness lately. :p

Perfectionism does make things harder, but if you need to talk/rant/bitch/whatever, you know I'm always here.
Ilu even more for that, you know. ANd I don't mind listening.


I love you like crazy, my fabulous friend. I trust you with everything (well, except secrets like what I got you for your birthday). Everything I say in the way of advice/trying to help really is just that, trying to help. And I hope you'll tell me if it's actually having the opposite effect.

I adore you. And I really think we should live together in Berkeley someday, and have lots of dogs, and just be happy.

And yeah, it's incredibly obvious who this is. LOL.
Ilu2. I trust you too. I know you're trying to help, really I do.

I think we should too. At least get me out of this place.
Well, no point in keeping up the anonymity. :P

But I know other people try to help and do the opposite. So if I do that, tell me, yeah?

You. Me. Berkeley. Nao.
Yeah really.

Boondock Saints iconzes ftw.

I will. Believe me. I can tell you almost anything.

Yes plz.

>.> How's the job market in Berkeley?

I do believe you. And I'd stop if I did that by accident, promise.

Um... you know? I've no clue. I never have normal jobs; I work at camps and in sciencey or soccer things. The minimum wage is a bit higher, I know that, but that's cause the cost of living is so high.

But you and me? We'll find a co-op with a couple other crazy Berzerkelians and make friends with them. And yell at them when they smoke pot too much and don't pay their rent. And do whatever the hell we want, basically.
Indeed! owever, I am out of Boondock iconses. How's this?

If I come visit, do you think we could look for co-ops or apartments or something (and possibly jobs)? I really really want out.

And when I crash, it's worse.
Aahaha, I have a Dogma icon too! :D

YES. Yes we can. Definitely. I need to do that sort of thing anyway. <3
Now I just need to figure out how to get almost 800 dollars. wee.


LOL, yes. Stupid expensive California! I'd help if I had my own funds, but I live off my parents. :(
Oh well. I'll manage someday.
Yes you will. And I'll help when I have money, too.
I don't want you to help, you spent all that money to come see me. :p
As soon as I can, I promise. Gran and Da might each give me 200 for my bday...and if Audrey actually pays me...ick.